OX levels have proved to be a huge success in the UK market since their launch in 2012. Already tried and tested in other areas of the world, UK tradesmen are now able to experience the OX Pro Series spirit level.

With a lifetime vial warranty and the patented innovative dual view vial, OX spirit levels guarantee both accuracy and to make the job easier for trades people. The vials are individually calibrated to an accuracy of 0.5mm/m and magnified for easier readability. Dual view vials give the unique front view of the vertical vial – for more precise leveling and an end to neck & eye strain. The handles have an air cushioned grip with a soft touch feel, giving the user a non-slip comfort grip. The construction is extremely tough with a 30mm depth extrusion meaning that the level is virtually unbreakable. Shock-proof polypropylene and TPR end caps have air cushioned PVC shock absorbers meaning the level can be dropped from a height onto its end without any damage. OX offers a guarantee that if you can find a tougher level they will give you your money back!

The new OX torpedo level is due to be launched in September 2013 and will be providing the market with an extremely tough level with advanced impact resistant end caps, rare earth magnets for the strongest grip to any metal surface and 3 unbreakable acrylic shock-proof vials. The vials are calibrated to an accuracy of 0.5mm/m and there is an angle finder to easily find the degree of any slope. The level has a fitted horizontal vial for a direct view of the bubble and vial gradient lines. With a 25mm thick profile the torpedo is of an extremely strong construction and is the toughest in the world. The surface is finely milled with a V groove for accurate and easy placement on pipes and curved surfaces.

OX are also continually adding in new products with a lower cost torpedo as an alternative for the price conscious user and a tough construction level bag for ultimate durability. The bag holds 600mm, 1200mm and 1800mm OX Pro levels with 3 zipped cases and also the option to strap extra levels to the outside of the bag. Complete with a shoulder strap and a strong grip handle this is an essential item for any serious tradesperson and an excellent solution for keeping you levels together.