About Us


Our vision

Our vision is to bring the strength of the OX to every tradesperson.

Our tools will be instinctively recognised as tough, dynamic and dependable.

Our customers feel like OX is the ‘extra man on site’.


Our story

OX Tools is a world-leading manufacturer of hand tools, diamond tools, workwear and safety products.

Founded in Australia in 1974 OX is recognised as tough, dynamic and different across the globe.

As a manufacturer of professional tools, we sell direct to the merchants, providing them with excellent service, innovative merchandising solutions and an award-winning brand.

Our global online presence and unique Tuff Club membership programme provides a community of tradespeople benefitting from shared experience and knowledge embedding our ‘live the trade’ attitude into the fabric of building sites around the globe.

Feel the Power of the OX.

Lee Hazell 
Managing Director


Our Safety Commitment

OX Tools UK is proud to be a member of the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF). A link to our member listing on the BSIF website can be found by clicking here.

OX Tools UK undertakes to supply only safety equipment and/or related services that fully comply with the standards and regulations and claims made relating to those products and/or related services. Where appropriate, OX Tools UK will maintain up to date technical files and associated documentation to ensure that regulatory compliance information can be supplied upon request.

Where products are sourced from external organisations which hold technical files relating to the products being offered, OX Tools UK will request confirmation that these files are current, complete, contain appropriate conformity assessment information and, where relevant, regulatory compliance certificates and will take all necessary steps to confirm the validity of the compliance documentation held by that external supplier in respect of the products being sourced.

Where services are provided related to safety equipment sourced from external organisations, OX Tools UK will maintain approval from the manufacturer that the services provided are assessed and approved by the external organisation.



OX Group UK - A BSIF Member

Ultimate product quality...

Ultimate product quality...

Powerful, dynamic and advanced, the phenomenal OX range raises the benchmark for tool performance, to unprecedented new levels. Using American, German and other European technology, OX products are known for their innovation and toughness and are built up to a standard not down on a price.

World leading technology...

World leading technology...

Only the finest quality of diamond is used in the production of our products

State of the art laser technology for ultimate performance and safety

Blade cores are made of the highest quality steel, precision engineered, ground and hardened