Basin Wrenches

  1. Pro Adjustable Basin Wrench
    Pro Adjustable Basin Wrench


    • Telescopic basin nut wrench
    • Reversible Jaw for easy access
    • 4 adjustment sizes
    • 1 to 32mm Jaw Capacity
    £30.11 £30.11
  2. Pro Max Leverage Plumbers grips
    Pro Max Leverage Plumbers grips


    • Straight jaws designed to Eliminate scratching of decorative pipe fittings
    • Push button release for super fast and accurate adjustment
    • Ultimate force distribution from jaws to handle providing incredible grip.
    • Return release to provide ratchet style action without having to remove the wrench from the fitting.
    • Made from forged chrome vanadium steel
    £41.64 £41.64
  3. Trade Fixed Basin Wrench 15 - 22MM
    Trade Fixed Basin Wrench 15 - 22MM


    • Heavy duty basin wrench
    • For fitting back nuts and union nuts of pillar and bath taps behind basins, sinks and baths.
    • Jaws machined to fit standard back nuts
    • Offset design for easy access behind baths and sinks
    • 15 - 22mm
    £8.91 £8.91
  4. Trade Adjustable Basin Wrench
    Trade Adjustable Basin Wrench


    • Adjustable wrench for taps and basins
    • Forged jaw turns 18 degrees for more flexibility
    • Quality ridge jaw for ultimate grip
    £9.59 £9.59

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