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  1. OX Pro Rodless Sealant Gun 400ml
    OX Pro Rodless Sealant Gun 400ml

    Product code: OX-P044914

    • internal push rod design for better access in confined spaces
    • compact design for easy access in tight or hard to reach spaces such as behind sinks, internal cabinets, shower cubicles.
    • lightweight reinforced polycarbon housing for improved ergonomics
    • ergonomically designed handle for comfort during use
    • riveted and reinforced carriage
    • suitable for all cartridges up to 400ml
    • ideal for use with latex & silicone caulks
    • belt hook for easy clip to tool belts
  2. OX Dual Thrust Sealant Gun
    OX Dual Thrust Sealant Gun

    Product code: OX-P045440

    • patented toggle switch to easily change thrust & stroke. switchable ratio (12:1 / 24:1) function to enable easy application of all viscosity adhesives and sealants.
    • patented 360¡ steel riveted rotating carriage
    • twin heat-treated steel push plates for greater strength
    • impact_resistant nylon/fiberglass handle & trigger with tpe rubber overmold
    • smooth thrust action
    • rigid polymer handle for strength and durability
    • 1.5mm steel push piston
    • for dispensing up to 400ml cartridges
    • steel pin on underside for puncturing dried caulk

6 Items

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