1. Pro White Rubber Mallet
    Pro White Rubber Mallet


    • Quality, durable rubber mallet
    • Non marking white head, ideal for tiling
    • Available in 16oz, 24oz & 32oz
    As low as £7.85 £6.54
  2. Trade Black Rubber Mallet
    Trade Black Rubber Mallet


    • Quality, durable rubber mallet
    • Black head for general purpose tasks where a steel head is unsuitable
    • Available in 16oz, 24oz & 32oz
    As low as £5.46 £4.55
  3. Combination Rubber Mallet
    Combination Rubber Mallet


    • Standard black face for general work
    • Semi hard white face that will not mark or discolour surfaces
    • Strong and light fibreglass handle
    • Comfortable grip
    • Suitable applications include shaping, moulding or hammering materials
    As low as £13.63 £11.36

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